Construction Support Services

As a turnkey access solutions provider, we support our customers at every step of their project—from answering questions and providing education on available products, to identifying and designing the ideal solution, to dismantling and removing the equipment. Especially for complex jobs that require multiple product lines and services such as engineering, shoring, and fall protection, ECRS is the ideal partner to tackle your toughest projects.

Engineering & Design

With decades of industry experience and access to the latest in design technology, we design and engineer solutions using a combination of our many high-quality product offerings, and we ensure your project meets all code requirements and regulations.

Erection & Dismantle

As a turnkey solutions provider, we complete every step of your project, from erection to dismantle. We stand by our commitment to safety and quality and ensure our fully trained and qualified team adheres to OSHA safety and industry best practices.

Shoring Systems

When your project requires vertical support, you can trust ECRS to have the engineering and building knowledge required to assess, evaluate, and design a customized shoring solution for any type of building construction, structure modification, or movement of heavy equipment.

Netting & Containment Systems 

On projects that require protection from falling items such as bricks, building materials, or other debris that have the potential to cause injury or property damage, ECRS provides a variety of debris netting, personnel netting, and scaffold sheeting.

Fall Protection Systems

At ECRS, safety is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s why we offer a variety of OSHA-compliant fall protection systems to keep employees safe, including temporary guardrail systems, full-body harnesses, lanyards, rope grabs, safety lines, and anchor devices.

Trash Chutes

ECRS trash chute systems allow you to quickly and safely remove debris from your work area to the ground to keep your jobsite safe and free from hazards. Our trash chutes are durable, easy to install, can handle both liquids and solids, and meet all OSHA standards.

Temporary Fencing

ECRS offers jobsite security fencing, including modular and post-driven options that are designed for the containment of active work areas. Our durable steel fencing can be combined with optional gates for pedestrian access and debris netting for additional privacy.

Sales & Rental

Because we value our customers and always want to provide the most cost-effective solutions, we will work together to determine if purchasing a product is the best option—especially for long-term installations.

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