Maryland State House

Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Industry: Historic Rehabilitation / Government

Project Overview

The Maryland State House holds significant historical and governmental importance. As the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use, it has the unique distinction of being the only state house to have served as the nation’s capital. During its history, the State House was the meeting place for the Continental Congress, including the momentous resignation of George Washington as commander-in-chief and the ratification of the Treaty of Paris, marking the end of the Revolutionary War.

Today, the Maryland State House remains a vital center of local government. It serves as the gathering place for the Maryland General Assembly, where legislators convene for three months each year to discuss and pass laws. Furthermore, the State House is also home to the elected leadership of the state, including the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the House of Delegates, and president of the Senate, who have their offices within its walls. With its rich history and ongoing role in governance, the Maryland State House holds a special position as an iconic symbol of Maryland’s past and present.

ECRS is proud to have facilitated this historic remodel and used several unique processes to help protect this historic landmark.

A full free-standing and counterweighted scaffolding system was used to avoid touching the historic brick facade, and a specialty printed scrim was used to contain debris and hide the ongoing work while still showcasing the beautiful architecture. ECRS installed two light-duty rack and pinion material hoists to assist with the removal and replacement of the slate roof and oversized windows. When the temperature dropped in the winter months, ECRS installed a fire-retardant containment system to allow the masons to work in a heated environment protected from the winter elements.

A full pedestrian overhead protection tunnel allowed the building to stay open to government workers and the public during the construction. ECRS went the extra mile and adjusted working hours to provide quiet hours for the General Assembly and Governor’s office and also coordinated deliveries to accommodate the Maryland State House Police availability.

Throughout this project, we partnered with multiple outstanding companies, including Lorton Stone for masonry with tuckpointing and stone restoration, Durable Restoration for slate-roof replacement, as well as new gutters and liners, Robinson Iron Works for bronze doors, and Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc. for window restoration.

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